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Attention all Students!

Advanced Medical presents the only Clinical Skills Step 2 course that guarantees a pass after our 5 day boot camp program. Our five day consists of a 4 day training and 1 day exam. Every day you will go case after case of hands on experience. The key to passing CS Step 2 is practice, at Advanced Medical we are all about practice. Next available date for training is April 12-16, register soon before it is too late and we are full.

Visit our website to sign up now.

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Advance Medical Training is the only ones who provide 100% pass rate! We have been overwhelmed with how many students we have that we are opening another week this month for registration. Registration has been opened for the next 2 months due to popular demand. Register today for June 28th - July 2nd! We will guarantee that you will pass or your money back. We are all about hands on training. After our course, the CS exam will be easy!

5 Day BootCamp -- June 28th - July 2nd
5 Day BootCamp -- July 12th - July 16th
5 Day BootCamp -- July 26th - July 30th
5 Day BootCamp -- Aug 9th - Aug 13th

1 Day Exam - July 2nd
1 Day Exam - July 16th
1 Day Exam - July 30th
1 Day Exam - Aug 13th

VIP Training - Available anytime at your request!

VIP course are available Anytime-- 1 day , 3 day and 5 day , pick your time and pick your hours in which you would like to learn.

Why choose us?

***Opened many new dates for training!
***Most hands on training (you will do at about 40-50 cases during your 5 day training)
***Real exam with real SP's
***Graded by top instructors
***Most Affordable
***New Training Center with New Equipment
***Great accommodations
***Located in a very nice neighborhood
***Only ones with 100% pass rate
***Money back Guarantee

Register today at
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