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Daily Study Thread -> ETA: May 5

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Hey guys,

This is gonna be my daily study thread. I'll be updating you guys on hopefully my daily study progress as I continue to study for my exam which is on May 5th.. so about 2 months left!!!! Stay tuned for my updates. I'll be posting what materials I'm using, along with how many hours a day of studying is taking place. My goal is to stay motivated. I'm doing a total self-study so this is my way of trying to stay connected with all my peers who are also in the same boat as me. Hopefully this humbly attempt will also inspire others to study better. I'm hoping I can also get some feedback on studying from all you guys too. So post if you think I can do things better or if you just wanna give an encouraging shout-out.

First update is tomorrow. This is just an Intro.

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you will do it!!!we are here for you.
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