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I have a situation where I got married and changed my name also at the same time I got all legal documents like passport and PAN card changed to my legal name after marriage. I applied with ECFMG with my current legal name as it appears in the passport after marriage and also mentioned in the USMLE application that my medical diploma will be of my maiden name. Everything is fine from USMLE Application and also Form 186 got printed with my current legal name.

Now, my college dean is not signing Form 186- saying the name on Form 186 is different than what they have in their records till now. Even after providing legal marriage certificate and Affidavit , she is not ready to sign the form. I followed the exact procedure it should be but how can the Dean not sign Form 186 even after providing legal documents for proof of marriage. Form 186 can't be altered and that form is correct as it has my current legal name as per passport.

Please guide, what will be the correct step to take in this situation. Dean is just not signing the form for no valid reason. I called ECFMG also and they said, there is no problem in signing for her once I provide legal documents. The answer dean gave me is "I do not consider Marriage Certificate Valid". I am really stuck on this and not sure what to do. Please reply ASAP.
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