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Denied a US visa

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Dear all,
I am disappointed and frustrated by this whole USMLE thing.I finished step 1 and 2 CK with scores 215 and 241 respectively.I scheduled my CS exam on 9th April 2015 in Atlanta but I was denied a US visa today.I had already paid $1505 for the exam and bought FA book.I have lost all the morale to read.THIS IS SO FRUATRATING, I regret all the time and money wasted!!! I even have no morale and Motivation to reapply for the visa again.
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Dear friend,

This is a very sad situation, I can understand how frustrating must be for you BUT don't let them take this from you.You have worked too hard to leave it like this. Try to put yourself back together, apply again at the embassy (maybe that visa officer had a bad day - who knows), eventually call at ECFMG (explain to them the situation, see how they can help you : maybe they will write/send a letter of support to you to present it at the interview). Don't quit! Try everything possible, try to make a strong case for the interview. See how ECFMG can help in this situation. I will keep you in my prayers :plz: to get through this.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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