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Your patient is having severe financial hardship and is going bankruptcy. He noticed an advertisement in a foreign medical journal that he can be reimbursed $50,000 if his kidney matched the diseased kidney of the prince. This money will definitely help your patient out of his debts. The patient both kidneys are healthy and he has no medical conditions and the removal of one of his kidneys does not seem to adversely affect his health. He comes to ask your ethical opinion.
What should be your response?
A) It is never acceptable to receive any money for solid organs or tissues donation.
B) It is acceptable as long as the kidneys are really matched.
C) It is acceptable as long as the "prince" has been waiting in the queue.
D) It is acceptable as long as the surgery is to be performed outside the United States.
E) Reimbursement for cost of travel and lodging for the donation is acceptable, but profiting from the donation is unacceptable.
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