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Hi everyone! I am a senior year international medical student. I am trying to sell my USMLE notes on Step1 and Step 2 CK. They are very high yield but detailed at the same time. The resources I combined for my notes are: First Aid, UW, Step Up to Medicine, First Aid Medicine, Lecture notes, B&B, and Osmosis.
The notes are on the FA, there is sections I copied from other books or resources and emerged them together on one book --> FA. (I study on my iPad, it is easier to do the edits).
I will first put my dermatology notes on sale. First, I want to see whether people benefit from my notes. If so, I will sell other chapters too.
Because I want it to be affordable and accessible to all you guys, I am selling my dermatology notes (14 pages) for 2$ !

For those of you who are interested in, email me at [email protected]
(I can send 1 page as an example)
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