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Guys I took the free 150 exam few days ago and got 72% correct.
I'm not sure what this translates to and the significance of my percent.
Can anyone explain what my score means? also is this exam representative of the real thing?
I found the 150 challenging and found myself deciding b/w two answers for many of the questions.

any advice/evaluation would greatly be appreciate.

Thanks guys

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Hey Hokie06,

There are a couple good score calculators out there that I have tried.

Getting my raw score as a three digit score has been really interesting to me as I have begun to study. I tried a couple of resources that might be useful for you:

MedFriends: - Calculates a score given raw scores from Kaplan, your MCAT, and other sources. Not bad, though I'm not sure if you should include your MCAT score if you want an unbiased result of how you're performing right now (2+ years later).

BluePenguin: - They translate your raw percentage score into an estimated score. You have to use their question bank to do it, but for now it is free to use.

Clinical Review: - Has a calculator, though I haven't tried it.

Good luck! :D
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