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Different First and Last Name

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When I registered first, I typed my first and last name as Mohammad Gad, but my full name is MOHAMMAD ABDELWAHHAB HEMEDA GAD on my passport and medical diploma and transcript, so what's the best should I do? send a letter from the dean affirming that the name on the document "photocopy of my passport" and the name in ECFMG record belong to one and the same person?
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Hi everyone
i typed my name first/middle ahmed moustafa -- last elkhashen
While in the passport it is ahmed moustafa ahmed anter elkhashen
And now I'm applying to step 1 exam and completed the online part and preparing the other part and 183 form cause I'm a student, so should i send 182 form along the papers to request a correction or send it later after the schedule permit and request a revised schedule permit ... Help please :scared:
Thank you ... I'll consider the first option,,and hope for the best :plz:
1 - 2 of 66 Posts