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Different First and Last Name

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When I registered first, I typed my first and last name as Mohammad Gad, but my full name is MOHAMMAD ABDELWAHHAB HEMEDA GAD on my passport and medical diploma and transcript, so what's the best should I do? send a letter from the dean affirming that the name on the document "photocopy of my passport" and the name in ECFMG record belong to one and the same person?
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Hellllp plz!!

hi everyone
i have a similar problem iam from sudan and we dont use first/last name in sudan only full name . my full name is nahla ahmed elnour and whenever i have to use use first/last name in official papers i go with first name :nahla last name: elnour the problem is in my passport my first name is: nahla and last name: ahmed elnour and this is how i wrote my name in ecfmg my name in my diploma is written as full name i dont know if this is going to be a problem and i dont feel comfortable that my name for the rest of my career is going to be this way do you think i shoud change it????
guys i need help plz asap
we only use full name here (4 names) for example if my name is 1 2 3 4 and in my passport my name is first name: 1 and last name: 2 3 4 does the last name in my ecfmg have to be the 4th name? because i prefer to use the 3rd name as my last name
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