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Different First and Last Name

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When I registered first, I typed my first and last name as Mohammad Gad, but my full name is MOHAMMAD ABDELWAHHAB HEMEDA GAD on my passport and medical diploma and transcript, so what's the best should I do? send a letter from the dean affirming that the name on the document "photocopy of my passport" and the name in ECFMG record belong to one and the same person?
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difference in my name

Actually in my passport
Surname : Shah
Given names : Kruti Dineshkumar
To obtain ECFMG identification number in wrote
Shah in last name field and kruti Dineshkumar in rest of name field.
My all documents and my degree certificate also have name : Shah Kruti Dineshkumar.
problem is that i got my Id number and when i logged in it is showing my name as Shah, Kruti Dineshkumar
This comma after Shah is not correct. Please help me out. what should i do ..
but it is sooo complicated
as i said earlier in my passport and in my all doctuments my name is
Shah Kruti Dineshkumar
But in ecfmg certification my last name is Shah and rest on name is Kruti dineshkumar
so its showing me Kruti Dineshkumar Shah

now what should i do?
please help me out
okay thanks saxo!! anything else have to do for it ??
1 - 3 of 66 Posts