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Different First and Last Name

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When I registered first, I typed my first and last name as Mohammad Gad, but my full name is MOHAMMAD ABDELWAHHAB HEMEDA GAD on my passport and medical diploma and transcript, so what's the best should I do? send a letter from the dean affirming that the name on the document "photocopy of my passport" and the name in ECFMG record belong to one and the same person?
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my name on permit is afreena qureshi
and on passport is
Given name : AFREENA
Surname: QURESHi

wil it make any difference???
You mean with regard to capitals? As long as they spell the same you should be okay.
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hi dsrp
its actually like my name on permit is AFREENA QURESHI (altogether)
but in passport there are two name
one category is given name: AFREENA
and second family/surname : QURESHI
i meant in passport its not written together
That's absolutely fine. Its the same for everyone. Scheduling permit does not list the given and surname seperately like passport or other identification. Its just understood by convention that the 1st word is given name and 2nd word is surname.
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Hello guys.. i kinda have the same prob, the only difference is that my application got rejected as I didn't ask around much before submitting. My names on passport and ecfmg record match but the name on degree doesn't. A friend had the same prob and he sent a letter from uni stating the name on degree and passport belong to same person and his application got accepted, I did that too and mine got rejected. In the rejection letter it says provide us with a document stating that the name on ecfmg record and degree belong to the same person and to reapply. My form 186 was accepted and is valid. Now Do I need to fill in the online part again or send the documents again or talk to them on phone or what? Really confused, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
You have to do the online application again if your exam application is rejected (after ECFMG looks at your diploma and form 186, form 186 is validated if it matches a previous template from your college. After form 186 valid, ECFMG has to re-verify the info on valid form 186, diploma and the online application. If anything does not match, your application would be rejected). When you paid for the exam already, the money would be in your ecfmg account. You just have to apply online again and send the letter verifying the name ( it has to be same in ecfmg record and diploma. ECMFG assumes by default that your name in the passport is the correct legal name. Not sure about the content of the previous latter you submitted, but make sure the wording is same as given in the website as they are very specific about it)
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The previous letter stated that the names on degree and passport are same, didn't mention anything about the name on ecfmg record in that letter. The rejection letter wants me to send in a letter from uni comparing my degree name to the ecfmg record name and not the passport. Yes the fees was credited. Can I change my triplet period now since I'm sending the online part again?
I am not sure I completely understand you with regard to the letter. Its best not to include words like passport or ecfmg record or degree on the letter you submit. This is from the ecfmg booklet and its best if you can get the letter stating this,
Using an example where name of the degree is Randy G and on ecfmg record is Randy Greg",

This certifies that the names "Randy G" and "Randy Greg" belong to one and the same person.

That's it.

Yes, I believe you will have the chance to put a different three month eligibilty period as you will be starting the application again (not a 100% sure about this though).
Hi everyone
i typed my name first/middle ahmed moustafa -- last elkhashen
While in the passport it is ahmed moustafa ahmed anter elkhashen
And now I'm applying to step 1 exam and completed the online part and preparing the other part and 183 form cause I'm a student, so should i send 182 form along the papers to request a correction or send it later after the schedule permit and request a revised schedule permit ... Help please :scared:
So you missed "ahmed anter" in your last name while doing the online appplication?
You should definitely start the process for changing the name in your ecfmg record if it doesn't exactly match the passport or other acceptable national identification. If the name on scheduling permit (=name on ecfmg record) does not match that in the passport, you will not be allowed to take the exam. I guess can send all the documents at the same time (form 182,183 and photocopy of your passport), so that everything is processed at the same time and a scheduling permit with the revised name is issued or just send form 183 and once the permit is available send form 182 and passport copy to change the name. The first option is obviously more time and money saving.
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Thank you ... I'll consider the first option,,and hope for the best :plz:
Yea. Or just call up ecfmg and find out which would be better. I'm pretty sure the first option is the reasonable one but ecfmg will give u a concrete response and u would be relieved as well
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