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Different First and Last Name

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When I registered first, I typed my first and last name as Mohammad Gad, but my full name is MOHAMMAD ABDELWAHHAB HEMEDA GAD on my passport and medical diploma and transcript, so what's the best should I do? send a letter from the dean affirming that the name on the document "photocopy of my passport" and the name in ECFMG record belong to one and the same person?
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hi.the name on my passport is Waqar Arif Rasool Chaudhry and the name on my degree is Waqar Arif Rasool Ch. what should i do. bcz an abbreviated form of chaudhry.kindly guide me as im stuck on this point for my iwa application
Get a letter from your medical school saying both the names belong to the same person (you can find the exact wording of the letter on the ECFMG website or booklet under "Verifying your name"). Once you get the letter, send it to ECFMG along with the exam application.
thank u very much saxo for the info
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