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I seem to be slow while going through the explanations of Uworld (second time) on my own.

Am looking for people on the same boat, or those who were finding it difficult to learn UW concepts on their own.

I could share my laptop screen in skype with you (or send question ids'), while we go through the explanations of the questions on my screen , discuss concepts, and correlate it with FA 2016. You can ask me doubts if its a question you found difficult originally.

I kind of teach pretty well, and it helps me learn too.

Planning to finish a block revision within 3-4 hours or so.

After every skype session, I could also share screenshots of the highlighted important parts of the explanations that we went over, in case that would help you revise.

My subscription ends soon anyway. So planning to wrap this up real soon.

It would be awesome if you're somewhere close to the Indian Standard timezone.

Add me skype if interested

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