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Drugs that cause Disulfiram like reaction are commonly tested in USMLE and they are high yield and must be known.

This is a list of drugs which can produce DISULFIRAM like reaction when taken with Alcohol:

--Antbiotics such as METRONIDAZOLE
--Cephalosporins such as CEFOPERAZONE, CEFAMANDOLE, and CEFOTETAN (it's thought that Methylthiotetrazole side chain in these cephalosporins is responsible for aldehyde dehydrogenase block (disulfiram like effects) and also for blocking vitamin K epoxide reductase therefore they also cause hypoprothrombinemia).
--First generation sulphonylureas such as CHLORPROPAMIDE and TOLBUTAMIDE
--Antifungal drug GRISEOFULVIN
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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