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the statement "DNA dependent DNA polymerase" is wrong. There's no such thing in HBV. The only virion associated enzyme is reverse transcriptase which makes DNA from the RNA intermediate. However, it's called reverse transcriptase in retroviruses while in HBV they call it DNA polymerase.

So as housewannabe told you and you have figured out;
First you have double stranded DNA viral genome this will enter the nucleus after uncoating and then after repair it transforms into closed circular dsDNA and then the host's RNA polymerase II makes mRNA from it. This mRNA is transcribed in the nucleus making viral capsid proteins (which go out to the cytoplasm) then the mRNA itself goes out to the cytoplasm where "the virion associated DNA polymerase" will make from it the progeny viral DNA.

HBV does not integrate it's genome into the host DNA, it stays episomal.

I include the Wikipedia image here for clarification

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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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