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For those of you who are planning to take a USMLE exam in 2012, should get ready for questions that may ask you about 'critical review of a scientific literature (medical articles) and even pharmaceutical advertisements!

This has been announced by the CRU recently.

When you start your residency you'll see that many morning reports are in fact just critical reviews of latest research articles. You will be discussing with your colleagues and seniors on whether that paper is valid, relevant, statistically significant, ...etc.

So it makes sense that they start asking about it in the USMLE.

The changes are expected to be seen in 2012, of course to allow some time for medical schools to include training of their medical students on how to read and review the medical literature.

There's a nice book that can get you started on this particular issue
Here's the link
How to Read a Paper: The basics of Evidence-Based Medicine


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