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Do you read the other options?

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Sometimes I come across a question that very easy for me and I even know the answer before looking at the options
so when I find that option I immediately skip to the next question
Is that OK, Do you do the same?
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Never do it
I used to do like you but then I realized that I sometimes miss the real answer hidden in the other options even when I was sure in the beginning of my answer
Read all options it will not take from you much time
Here's an example to tell why you should read all options even when you think you reached the answer

5 year old child with repeated bacterial and fungal infections and negative nitrozolium blue test.

What intracellular mechanism is missing?

a- defensin
b- hydrogen peroxide
c- myeloperoxidase
d- hypochlorite
e- NADPH oxidase

Am sure that when you reach hydrogen peroxide you'll pick it and leave the question happily, but if you'd have continued reading the options carefully the NADPH oxidase option would have changed your mind.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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