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We live in uncertain times - but we are here to help.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has created many drastic changes globally. Many individuals and families are facing new challenges.

Right now, residency applicants must decide how they will proceed with the upcoming Match Cycle. We urge those who are able - pursue the positions you've been working towards for so many years.

The USA will need as many active medical professionals as possible.

That is why we encourage you to begin early, well before the height of the application season - so you are thoroughly prepared in advance.

Due to potential financial difficulties many are facing, Match A Resident would like to offer a pre-season discount to aid application targeting with our Customized Residency Lists.

15% Pre-season Discount Code: SUPPORT15


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Austria to Impose Europe’s 1st Nationwide Lockdown Since Spring.
The country will introduce the continent’s first national vaccination mandate next year. Germany’s health minister suggested that a national lockdown could also be an option there. Austria will go into a nationwide lockdown on Monday and impose a coronavirus vaccination mandate in February, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said on Friday. It is the first such lockdown in a European nation since the spring, and the first national vaccine mandate to be announced in a Western democracy.

Austria has one of Europe’s highest national coronavirus infection rates, with 14,212 new cases registered in 24 hours on Thursday. And the Alpine country has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe, with just 66 percent of the population fully inoculated.Recent restrictions on unvaccinated people have failed to bring the outbreak sufficiently under control, leading to the measures announced on Friday.

“For a long time — maybe too long — I and others assumed that it must be possible to convince people in Austria to voluntarily get vaccinated,” Mr. Schallenberg said on Friday. “We therefore have reached a very difficult decision to introduce a national vaccine mandate.”
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The lockdown, reminiscent of those imposed across Europe last winter, before coronavirus vaccines were available, will last for at least 10 days and affect both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Schools, where students are tested regularly, will remain open, as will grocery stores.

“We have 21 months of the pandemic behind us, and we know we can only end this when we vaccinate enough people,” Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein said, adding that the lead-time of several months was needed to prepare for the mandate, including clarifying the legal situation.
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