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Cover the Options - A Simple MCQ Strategy [Multiple Choice Questions]
By S. Merritt On September 11, 2009
In multiple choice test jargon, the incorrect options on the test are called distractors, and they're aptly named because they do just that: distract you from the correct answer.

Distractors are tough. They lead to second-guessing, and increased test anxiety. Good multiple choice test-taking, on the other hand, is all about focus, and distractors don't make the job of staying focused any easier. To decrease the power of distractors, try this simple trick.

Using a blank sheet of paper, a ruler or even your hand, cover up all the response options for the question. Just read the stem. Make sure the distractors are invisible. This allows you to:

Focus solely on the wording of the question
Not be distracted or misled by some of the possible answers (remember, test-makers can be out to trick you)
Stay calm and work the test, instead of the test working you
Make sure you get the options covered completely before you even start reading the question. Even a quick glimpse and your eye will pick up some of the options before you have a chance to look away.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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