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Hi Shanta,
this is because you will never know whether the stem is relevant or not until you read it :)
For instance
a grey case of MI Vz Angina one day ago then the question is about the expected ischemic pathological changes after one day?
If you go straight to the options you may answer it right away thinking it's MI because that's what you tend to think of when presented with pathological changes while in fact your patient has angina and you should pick the no changes option even if it's one day since the symptoms.

In the example you gave [Kawasaki disease] yes you may feel that reading the lengthy case scenario was a waste of time, but you only knew that after reading the whole case word by word and carefully.

By the way nowadays such a clear switch cases are getting rarer in both step 1 and CK.

There's another problem with that
which is if you read the answers first you tend to tailor the stem into the options that are in your mind because you are preoccupied with the answer
you may even be "blinded" to some facts

Lastly if you read the options first then you found a twisted case in the stem you will then want to go back to the options once again thereby effectively wasting more time than when if you haven't read the options first
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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