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My full name is Thomas Jackson Kuruvilla. This is the name that has been appearing in all my documents...:cool:

Now my Surname is Kuruvilla.. But this is not reflected in my passport... In my Passport the name is just THOMAS JACKSON KURUVILLA... And the surname part is left blank!:toosad:

Now the ECFMG website says the following

" Your correct and current legal name means the name you use on your official identification, such as your passport.

* If your correct and current legal surname consists of more than one name, enter each of the names in the Last Name field.
* Enter your full and complete first name in the Rest of Name field. Do not enter an initial only for your first name unless it constitutes your full, correct and legal first name.

* If your correct and current legal name includes a middle name or middle initial, enter the middle name/initial in the Rest of Name field."

So how should i now enter my name..:scared: Should i enter the whole name in the rest of the name field and leave the surname blank or i should fill the surname field also?

I would be really grateful if you guys could help me out and ease my mind a bit.. Thanks a lot in advance!:p

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Many of my friends had this problem. The solution is pretty simple though.
Your name as it appears in the international valid document has to be replicated as it is in the ECFMG record. And it is not possible to register for the ID in the normal form with your last name as blank. This is the procedure to be followed

1. Call ECFMG at (215) 386-5900 (add +1 if not from US)
2. Explain your problem
3. They would ask you to fax your passport photocopy to them with your email details and a subject mentioning "Attn:...." Am not sure of the name of the person. Think its 'Cindy'
4. Then call up ECFMG to confirm they have received your fax.
5. You will get the ID in a weeks time

At the time of application add a cerificate from your college stating that your name as it appears in your degree certificate, your pass port, your transcripts are one and the same and refer to the same person.
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