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Can anybody please share Dr. Najeeb’s notes that you prepared (at least Neuroanatomy) ? I would remember your help all throughout my life and would be very grateful to you.If I can help you in any other way,I am ready and would be very glad too. My knowledge in basic science is not very good .I wish I could make notes but I don’t have enough time .Preparing his notes is extremely time-consuming. Your help can transform my life. Pls help me.

You can make photocopy of your notes and send to my mailing address (I will give you my address after you confirm this) OR if you think you have any other better way to provide those notes to me- that would be great. Pls let me know.

Sorry for giving trouble, but I am ready to send you the money from reliable service for the expenses of photocopy, mailing charges etc...
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