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I never even remembered about Niclosamide in my step 1 review, I can't recall ever reading about it... but to get to that answer choice:

1.) Metronidazole is for microscopic stuff (Anaerobes, Giardia/Ameoba, Trichomona,etc) not for large sized worm looking creatures. Discard.

2.) Discard
3.) Not sure, amide for infection?
4.) Doxycycline usually used for bacterium that you can't normally kill with penicillins, not for small white rice resembling worm. Discard
5.) What cysts? Even if there were cysts, you have to treat the cause of the cysts, which would be a bug/parasite, kill that first. Discard

Well, with everything else fully accounted for, chances are it was C, Niclosamide.

Thanks for the review
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