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ECFMG Examination History

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help me plz i complete ecfmg registration process and i press checkout and pay and thats what apear to me ?????
it is 1st time for me to register for step 2ck i have ecfmg id number and password so what i choose?????
no i have never submitted application to ecfmg or no but i have usmle id number issued to me by nbme????????

Item 1. ECFMG Examination History
Have you ever submitted an application to ECFMG for any examination, even if you did not take the

-Yes, and I know my USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number.
-Yes, but I do not know my USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number.
-No, but I have a USMLE Identification Number issued to me by the National Board of Medical
-No, I have never submitted an application to ECFMG
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well now when i back to my application I didn't find this window that asking about ECFMG examination history only the window of paying money ......
well when this window appear to me previously i choose last choice and press next then i press back because i was afraid that i choose a wrong answer then the net is disconnected now when i return to pay money this window of ecfmg examination history didn't appear to me ??????????????
what I have to do now

help me plz
There should be a "back" link at the bottom of the page which allows you to go back to the previous section of the online application.
If you can't find that back button then it means you have already affirmed your online application and you cannot change it anymore.
It's OK, don't panic, this happens a lot, you can call them and explain to them.
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Did you finish the online part of your application?

When finish answering all the questions, they show you a complete preview of all your answers and the opportunity to change them.
Did you see such thing when you did it?
idid complete all the questions then summery apear then i press check out and pay then a window a pear
thats what apear only i choose (No, I have never submitted an application to ECFMG) then i press next then i press back and i wait to think what i ve done then they write to me the session is expired (because it took long time) also the i ve disconnected from net
iback today to to my application they didnt ask me this question only the window of paying
Then you cannot change it.
Call them on Monday before you pay. Most probably they'll tell you there's no problem.
Don't panic about it, this is a trivial issue.
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