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ECFMG Registration Help

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Hello dear friends
Sorry if I am writing here, I am new, not familiar with forum.
Where should I go for online registration for USMLE (ECFMG) examination?
Thank you so much for your help
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The first step in ECFMG registration is by requesting a USMLE ID which is by going to this web page

For more detailed instructions about how to register read this thread

If you are planning to take CK before Step 1 then I invite you to read this thread
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Appreciate your help

Hello Dear rasheed
Thank you so much for your answer
mistake in the application

Hello friends,

Yesterday I registered online for the usmle step 1 examination. I discovered afterwards that I made a mistake of the name of the title of medical degree. Will I have a problem? Is there a way I can change this? If I begin a new application I will have to pay again?

thank you in advance,
Minas Economides
dear rashed, im new and i wanna register for my usmle step 1. i wanna register in the ECFMG. your link to register for ECFMG is not working. can u give me another link? thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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