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Hello everyone. Long time since I've been on here, hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I am helping a friend re-visit her USMLE journey and have a few questions I am unable to find answers to, as ECFMG is not allowing speaking to a representative at this time.
  1. Her status has changed from "student" to "graduate". Would she need to reapply a form 186? or any other forms?
  2. In regards to retaking a previously passed exam due to the 7 year expiration, as she completed Step 1 eight years ago, I found on the ECFMG website that special exception will be granted if done by a "US physician licensing authority or another authority recognized by the USMLE program". I was wondering if anyone has been through this process can please comment or if anyone know what would constitute those, "authorities", that would grant exception and how do we go about it.

Looking forward to hearing back from anyone and everyone. Thank you.
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