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The triad should unmistakeably makes us think of Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. The USMLE may present for you a male child (because it's X linked recessive) with a very characteristic combination of eczema and petichiae (because of thromobocytopenia).
Platelets are characterisitcally small with low mean platelet volume and there's immunodeficiency characterized by low IgM and high IgA and IgE levels.
Propensity to develop autoimmune disorders and lymphoma/leukemia is there.
keep this syndrome in your mind for the USMLE Step 1 and also for CK.

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be carefull!!! dont forget to check COLD ABCESSES

JOB'S syndrome has a similar presentation too Eczema + Petichiae + Immunodeficieny but it has COLD ABCESSES.... USMLE may confuse u with it...

It is characterized by recurrent "cold" staphylococcal infections, unusual eczema-like skin rashes, severe lung infections that result in pneumatoceles (balloon-like lesions that may be filled with air or pus or scar tissue) and very high concentrations of the serum antibody IgE. Inheritance can be autosomal dominant, or recessive, and autosomal dominant form of the disease; these patients have problems with their bones including recurrent fractures and scoliosis. Many patients with autosomal dominant hyper IgE syndrome fail to lose their primary teeth and have two sets of teeth simultaneously.
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