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If you are like me an IMG who has been striving to get through the US medical system you may find yourself trying to answer that question, "Egg from chicken or chicken from egg!".

The first step in any US clinical career is to get into an ACGME-accredited residency program. Many of these programs have an absolute requirement of prior USCE "United States Clinical Experience" before they can look up you file.

On the other hand you cannot get USCE if you haven't been a licensed physician in US, which means that you must have finished residency!

So how to break the cycle? I cannot get a residency because I have no USCE and I cannot get USCE because I did not have residency.

There's no single answer to this dilemma but here two useful workarounds:

  1. Try to look for residency programs that have no USCE as an absolute necessary requirement. Note that many of them they do mention that in their website but when you call them they are actually quite flexible about it.
  2. Doing observerships, externships, and research in USA does not require you to be a fully licensed physician usually. So do one of these and you will be seen as having USCE by many programs.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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