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Electives and ECFMG Clerkship question

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Hi everyone
I have a query about my electives which i did during my final year.
I did 2 months electives outside my country on my own in cardiac surgery and otolaryngology, do i have to mention this in ECFMG clerkship column.

Also, I did these during my ongoing curriculum and missed my rotations at own medical school but on return completed them at a later date...but problem is that my medical school refused to issue a transcript of those rotations at a later date,,and now the dates for my electives and core rotations are same...any solution for it guys??...plz help me out

is it possible that i don't mention these electives now and mention it when am applying for the residency position?...
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SO that means i have to leave that column empty?
as description of my normal rotations is in the transcript which i will send them...
Which column?
The online ECFMG registration asks you to say YES or NO.
Answer NO.
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