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Electives without TOEFL or Step 1

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I haven't taken step 1 or internship in India starts on nov 10 2010.

I would like to apply for elective in internal medicine.

Help me out by giving me a detailed list of medical colleges accepting IMGs in electives without USMLE Step 1 or TOEFL.
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hello..wanna ask that the schools u mentioned are those which donot require step1??
First let me clarify something, there are no electives for IMGs, and since you are gonna start your internship, that means you are still a student not an IMG.

I will give you a small list about places that offer electives, and you can find out on their websites whether or not they require either TOEFL, Step 1 or any other requirements like being top of your class ( @UTHSCSA !! ), malpractice liability insurance/health insurance, having a sponsor there or having an affiliation with your school !! :

For starters, always Mayo/Cleveland clinics
SUNY downstate
Quillen @ east tennessee univ
Univ. of Alabama ( requires a sponsor there )
heyy..are these those universities which donot require step1??


Good luck
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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