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Kindly someone advice me actually I am doing Kaplan notes and watch those video I am unable to understand Kaplan.

Today I met one of my seniors in a cafe as he was practicing Kaplan Qbank so I asked him can I use it for 10 min as I'll buy it in future so I attempted ten questions he let me use it to my surprise questions were so different than kaplan notes I had finished path a day ago so I thought to check it out of it i guess only half were right and I felt so lost like they were asking new things and I got confused and I thought doing kaplan notes should have made me score well but I felt so embarrassed to ask him is this normal not to know questions of bank initially with time ill improve..

I feel I wasted so much time memorising kaplan notes that I didnt practice any q bank my genetic and behaviour is left iam planning after giving one reading ill buy kaplan then u world is 3 month q practice enough for exam i am so depressed my sir had score80 percent in test when I saw mine I felt so bad :eek::eek::redcheeks;
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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