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This patient has marfanoid habitus, he has high arched palate, long limbs and tall stature (given the BMI and weight, this patient is 195 cm) I had a question in CK that implied tall stature in the same way, if you see heavy weight and low BMI then this patient is really tall.

Marfanoid habitus is associated with MEN type 2b syndrome, along with skeletal abnormalities, abnormal dental enamel and multiple mucosal neuromas. MEN type2b is associated with medullary carcinoma which originates from parafollicular c cells, these originate from the neural crest.

Other common associations with marfanoid features : Marfan syndrom, Homocyctinuria (MR, atherosclerosis) and spontanuous pneumothorax.

a- and f- could not be the right answer as the parathyroid and enterocytes are both derived from endoderm.
b- adenohypophysis originates from surface ectoderm
c-spleen and kidney originate from mesodorm
d-odontoblasts originate from neural crest cells (correct answer) while enamel originates from surface ectoderm
e-Retina takes origin from neuroectoderm
That's a great question :rolleyes:
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