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An 11-month-old child is brought to the physician by her parents because they are concerned about “seizures” of increasing frequency and severity during which the child flails her upper extremities. Physical examination is normal except for psychomotor delay. On questioning, her parents mention that she is not speaking at all, she is not yet walking, and in fact only recently has been able to sit on her own. An EEG shows very-high-voltage, random, slow waves and spikes in all cortical areas. When her parents inquire about her prognosis, what are they told?
(A) Although her spasms will eventually regress, she is likely to be neurologically impaired
(B) Her condition is due to an infectious agent and her symptoms will most likely resolve upon treatment
(C) Her condition is entirely benign and requires no treatment
(D) She most likely has an upper respiratory tract infection that will resolve on its own
(E) The physician is obligated to contact child protective services before you can discuss her condition further
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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