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Hi everyone,
I'm writing my exam this coming Friday and am very nervous about my final preparation days. My last assessment scores (over the past 6 week period in order) have been:
NBME 4- 217
NBME 5- 227
NBME 6- 232
UW1- 230
UW2- 240
(I have done all the other nbme's including form 7 in the last 3 months of studying so I can't use them to see where I am right now...)
I am currently reading all my notes from Usmle world (completed twice), my notes from Kaplan qbank and making sure I haven't forgotten anything in first aid...
Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions as to what else I should do to be at my peak before the exam?...I'm really hoping for a 230.
Thanks so much :)

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read the first aid book for now on

Don't read any other book... go over the subjects in the first aid book thats your weakest in... or go over very very quick reviewable subjects like embryo in your FA

You going to do great on your exam :)

good luck
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