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Hi mle2resident,

We have to agree with Undoma that you are probably all right to pass, but might want to raise your score. Though no need to panic, we thought we might share some tips for improving your performance:

The most effective and efficient way to increase your score is to look within completed test blocks to determine what weaker topics are causing many of your test errors. Let this list of problem topics be your study agenda so you can go back to review sources to clarify your recall of them. Make brief notes on problem aspects as you do this, which you can review closer to your exam date. Once you finish remediating problem topics, resume another cycle of self-testing. Repeat the same procedure, identifying topics and remediating them. This focuses time right to your problem spots, so is the fastest, most direct method to improve your overall performance.

The NBME self-assessment will predict rather well how you would score on the actual exam, and if you aren't happy with your score you can reschedule your exam date.

Best of luck!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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