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hmmm alright, il post my process up to the exam... I did my exam on dec 17th, sooo next week il expect the results and il post the final here.

I completed my kaplan course approx 5.5 weeks before the exam

Day after kaplan (5.5 weeks away from exam) Took the Prometric practice exam (Fred V2 exam i think).. 70/70/92 = 77% correct answers

5 weeks from exam: Kaplan Comprehensive exam: 63% correct

4 weeks from exam: nbme 1 = 480 (218)

3 weeks from exam: nbme 2 = 470 (216)

2 weeks from exam: nbme 3 = 430 (207)... i scrwed up on questions i woulf of otherwise gotten right..

completed studying everything 8 days before exam through the first aid book while doing these assessements

7 days before exam: USMLErx 336 q exam = 73 % correct (240)

4 days before exam: USMLE world assessement 1 = 520 (224)

2 days before exam: Epic Fail... do your self a favor and dont get 2 over confident and never look back at your block after each block you do.. it makes you stupid and i think you would do better if you just do all 4 blocks in a row that way your always in a tension mode which lets you think constantly... 430 (204).... lesson i learned, never ever get overconfident during the exam, and never get 2 stress.. stay in between soo you can see max performance.

day of exam... i came out thinking i failed cause the anatomy questions were a little evil i shall admit.. but now i think it was a fair exam in hindsight, i know that i got alot of questions i thought i got wrong were infact right... but i also made some very bad mistakes in otherwise easy questions... so lets hope i get a good mark and pass next week when i get my results.... was wondering though, whats a good mark in kaplan comphrehensive...

will post my grades this coming wednesday!! thats if i get em
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