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Excellent step2cs training in NY/NJ

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I wanted to recommend the private CS instructor that I used to pass my exam. The instructor helped me so much and made me confident before I took my exam. The instructor was able to travel to a library close to my location in New Jersey. The tutor helped me improve my history taking skills, corrected my physical examination technique, communication skills and graded my overall performance on the CIS, ICE and SEP. The personal 1on1 feedback I received was the best and the instructor helped me locate my mistakes before i sat for my exam. The CS instructor is located in the NY/NJ area and has trained medical students all over the US. You can contact the instructor at (845)-821-6060 or email [email protected]. For online sessions you can contact the instructor with skype id-gheltonmd

The instructor also guarantees that you will be satisfied otherwise you will not be charged. I highly recommend this tutor, and I am very thankful I was able to pass my CS exam.
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COuld you give more infos please, How long did it take you to practice, and how much did it cost. Also are you an IMG. Thank you for responding.
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