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Hello All USMLE aspirants,

BSS-Blueprint Study scheduler is an Excellent USMLE preparation tracking tool.

BSS-Blueprint Study scheduler is a time table with study targets for per day,week,month to better pace your USMLE Preparation to the exam day.

It is manually designed by expert professional after understanding your study speed,preparation level and target USMLE exam date.

With BSS ,it gets simple to track your study and find out what needs to be done to reach your goal. BSS is offered as weekly scheduler or monthly scheduler based on your preference and study pattern.

Booked BSS will be sent to you via mail once a week or once a month basis as per your preference . This service will also provide you unlimited week or month end mail support regarding targets not achieved or achieved with review in your BSS and how to change your study pattern.

Price for BSS - please check

Book your Blueprint Study Scheduler now !

How does your weekly/monthly BSS look? Please see this page for images

Share and spread the word to peers and senior who can benefit from this.

No more finding yourself aimlessly preparing for USMLE. Take charge of your preparation and book your BSS now!

Happy studying:)
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