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Hi everyone. This is my 1st post in the USMEL website and I want to share some experience with you regarding the rotation that I just finished this week.

I am a Chinese medical graduate who just passed Step 2 CS last year and desperately need some hands-on USCE to help with my residency match this year. I had some experience in applying rotations through commercial groups before when I was still in medical school 4 years ago. However, that experience still gave me nightmare today because I ended up seeing no patient and learn nothing at all. Hence, this time I am very cautious about choosing the programs.

During the searching, I accidently find something on the AMA website (you can google "AMA externship" and click the first link, sorry that the forum do not allow me to put any link here). There are several programs listed here with "AMA certification". I think, well, these programs have AMA certification so maybe they are worth a shot. I applied the Somerset Family medicine listed on the top of the web page and that's how I finally met with Dr. Neil Jaddou.

Now I am very glad that I did make the right choice by rotating with Dr. Jaddou. During the past four weeks, I have seen hundreds of patients and learning so many regarding the family medicine and internal medicine. There are some students rotated with Somerset before who had put their comments in the top thread of this section. I would like to prove that what they have posted are true. I have seen so many patients every day that I barely got any time to take a break. Complete physical exam, various injection, EKG and U/A are all routines that I have to do every day. However, the most important thing that I learned in the office are the managements of common diseases such as HTN, Hyperlipidemia, URI, etc. I know that many of you has passed the steps and know the medications like me. Nevertheless, I really have no idea of how to apply the textbook knowledge into real practice until I finish this rotation. Now I am very comfortable about writing prescriptions to treat those patients.

Dr. Jaddou is a very nice person. He does spend time in educating students with great patience. He is very kind and provides free clinic in St. Joeseph Church every week. He invited me to visit the Beaumont hospital and go to dinner with him and his wife in one of the best steakhouses of Detroit. I really enjoyed the time with Dr. Jaddou and all the staff in the office.

I know everyone wants to know about the LoR. And yes, if you work hard, it is very likely that you will obtain a good LoR from Dr. Jaddou. He has a lot of connection in Detroit area and the letter can be very helpful if you are going to apply for family medicine or internal medicine. Moreover, if you work even harder, you may get a certification of the Student of The Month, which will make your CV looks good.

I'd like to recommend this rotation to everyone, especially those IMG who has just started preparing for the match. I guarantee that you will learn a lot through this rotation. For my Chinses friends who have never been to the USA before, I strongly recommend you to take a rotation here before you do the OB with the hospitals. I understand everyone wants to obtain big LOR from university-affiliated hospitals, but it will be hard to achieve the goal if you still have a hard time pronouncing hyperlipidemia, isn't it?

Lastly, good luck to everyone. Hope everyone will get Match in the near future!
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