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Thank you for the reply !

Yes , I am actually going to be working as a Research Volunteer in a University affiliated Hospital and am also doing Observerships .

The Internal Medicine Program Director of the hospital where I did my Clerkship is willing to write me a strong letter of recommendation.

I know a Program Director in another hospital who is willing to call a few places to help get interviews there.

The only thing is I am keeping Step 3 on hold for now because I dont want to give it in a rush and fail it ( which is what happened with my step 2 ck ) just to have it on my CV . I'd rather have no step3 than a Step3 fail to add to my step2 ck attempt.

How does my plan sound ? Any other advice ?
I think you should strongly consider doing step 3, nothing worse in the PD's eyes than accepting a resident that will fail step 3 later on and not pass it before PGY3, As a result your contract will be terminated and the program will lose a resident, since you have an attempt which in turn rise concerns of your ability of passing step 3 , by doing it you will end these concerns.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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