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So today i watched as my life rapidly came crashing down around me and my dreams died. I took Step 1 about a year ago and had a panic attack during the exam, ending up getting a 176. I wasn't entirely surprised, but still thought that i would be able to overcome it if i could remain calm. I took it again a few weeks ago and today found out that i scored 178. In a year and without panicking i somehow only went up 2 points and still miserably failed. What do i do now?

I studied throughout the year with an intense 3 months when i wasn't on clinical rotation right before the exam. Went through FA, Biochem MRS, Micro MRS, Pathoma vids and some DIT vids on where i had difficulties. I also went through Uworld with a 65% and multiple NBME exams all scoring around 215-220.

What can i possibly do differently? and where do i even go from here?

Would like to match into pediatrics eventually.
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