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Family Medicine Electives

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Hi friends

I’m doing my internship now. Preparing for USMLE…

I got an opportunity through my college to go for family medicine electives in Kentucky university..I have no info regarding FM… I'm interested in internal medicine… Will it be wise enough to do electives in Family medicine?

I want info regarding family medicine electives…& Will I be able to get into IM if I get into FM electives? I'm planning to give step 2 CS if I go there… & I want to get some clinical experience in USA…I would be thankful if someone could guide me.

thank u
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Thank you so much for your reply
hi how much time does it take to prepare for step 2 cs....& what are we supposed to read for it? i'm planning to give toefl very soon... I'm interested to do IM electives also... i'll be done with my internship this march... will i be able to get IM electives in this short span? which universities can i apply?

Thank u
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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