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hey there everyone. while a lot of groups over whatsapp/skype/fb have been made to help each other in the stepping. I do like the idea,and have gone one step ahead to make a Skype group/google-hangout focused solely on those who are taking exam in Feb.

At this stage of prep i.e. 4 week from Exam day. You are done with FA, uworld and some NBME. If you don't fulfill the prerequisites sorry but this isn't something for you.

The plan is as following:
We will revise FA in 15 days. using DIT style methodology combining it with numerous pictures and pooling in all our previous knowledge from kaplan/med school/Qbanks.
every session will be of 4 hours daily, moderated & followed by Questions. Active participation is the key to acing and mastering FA at this stage of our prep. We all know by now how sick we are of FA but we need to go over it again.

If you are someone who is interested and fulfill the prerequisites, KINDLY INBOX ME.

For all those who are not appearing in feb, don't worry this is a PEER Collaboration, i aim to continue with this initiative once we Feb step takers are done with our exam.
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