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Feedback on doctors in training?

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hey guys!!
so i have been trying to find out about this review course-doctors in training!! i checked out the website and it looks quite impressive but i am looking for some feedback from people who might have taken this course!!so how is it?? i dont want to take up Kaplan or Falcon (I've already done Kaplan videos and been through enough Goljan lectures) so I've been looking for an alternative that best serves the purpose of giving me some brain storming review sessions and help me get that final touch right!!
do let me know how you feel about DIT!!
also-are the videos and email questions for DIT available for downloads online???
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I highly recommend DIT. It really made me sit down and think about the information in FA as opposed to just monotonous reading.
However, if you don't have a solid base of information already then it's probably not the best for you. Give it a go. If you don't find it's for you they do have some sort of refund policy.
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It's not so much a prep course as a way that forces you to go through first aid. I found it a good way of making sure you get all of First Aid - which in turn ensures that you're as ready as you should be. It's not a substitute for Kaplan (Kaplan teaches concepts - this doesn't) and it's not a substitute for doing question banks :)
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DIT- recommended

Very useful & easy way to get through First Aid.
Gives you a good base to begin your review for the Step.
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I like the fact that when he goes over stuff in an organ system it forces you to jump back and forth b/w the path and pharm sections and integrate the material rather than just reading it in order.

If you don't want to watch all the videos. I recommend the videos for male and female reproductive, cardio and neuro.
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