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FEV1/FVC Ratio is over 80%

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Hey guys, there is a question in UW (id 825) that talks about crest syndrome and pulmonary hypertension but then they mention the fev1/fvc ratio is 86 so since that is higher than the normal (80%) i assumed there was some restrictive disease but apparently 86 is also normal?
Everywhere I searched it says normal value should be 80.

Any input :(
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Goljan mentions that the FEV1/FVC ratio in restrictive lung disease is 1 because when there is increased elasticity, FEV1 = FVC.

With this in mind, the FEV1/FVC ratio is closer to normal than it is to restrictive. In real clinical practice, patients don't follow text books so this might just be UWorld's way of trying to trick us with a slightly abnormal value? Have not seen the question so I can't be sure.
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