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Finish Kaplan Qbank or start with UW ?

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Hi guys,
I need your input for my study plan, I have done 45% of Kaplan Qbank and got 72% on average. I haven't started UW yet and I want to take my exam at end of April. Do you think I should finish my Kaplan Qbank or better start with UW now ? For those of you who have used UW as part of step 1 prep, I need your suggestion on how I should use this qbank to get the most of it.

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You should do all questions.. Only doing 45% of a qbank is practically nothing. You should start thinking about not finishing a qbank when your around the 90% mark.

But it's best to finish off the qbank.. Espicially because the qbank comes at such an expense.
No way I can get 90% on any qbank LOL, meaning I can't stop doing any qbank rite. Well I do hope I can finish them all but I have limited time, and I even haven't reviewed any page in First Aid yet, I use mostly Kaplan Lecture Notes, Video and MedEssentials. I am afraid I don't have time to finish UW before my exam. Should I finish at least 70% of it ?
Hi, thx for your input. I think I should start working on UW now. I haven't reviewed first aid, do you think I should review it first before doing UW or I can do it later after finish reviewing UW ?
Anyway I have finished revising all Kaplan Lecture Notes and videos twice, should I review First Aid then doing question on UW, or do it simultaneously ? I am so tired of revising the materials over and over again, but still can't remember everything in Kaplan Lecture Notes.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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