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Hello dear Fellows,

I have been tutoring usmle 1 for six months now and I would like to offer another rapid-review course here. If you are interested in reviewing First aid 2016, from biostatistics to cardiology, I would be happy to go over challenging topics with you and share uworld and pathoma annotations and my fun mnemonics. Our tutor will be done over skype (share screen), for a maximum of two hours a day and a very reasonable price. The first session is free of charge, and I should be available during week days between 4-8 pm ET. Should you decide to continue after having the tutorial/free trial session, the fees are very reasonable regarding the quality of the tutor. For Comprehensive sessions, it would be 25 usd /Hour and for rapid review 15 usd/hour. [For rapid reviews, it take less time and discussion, however I will still try my best to include as much as high yield details as I can]. There is no minimum for number for our sessions, so you could choose as few as one chapter.
On skype, Please text me 'usmle' so I can tell its not a spam, and please kindly include the date, hour, and topic you would be interested to have a tutorial session on.
(for example: Usmle- 30th Aug, 5 pm, immunology.)

My id is : emrz2016s1

Thank you and good luck to all :)
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