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hey pinky seems u r an indian???
i m here at the same condition as of urs, starting revision in dec,
coz i hav xams in dec, planning to give step by april....
ne scope of stdying together???
or keeping on eye on each other??
so tht both of us will be on track??
how abt deciding a schedule/plan to stdy together????

waiting for ur reply......
u can mail me ... my email id is [email protected]
or u can also add me on fb with the same id....

hoping to hear back frm u...:):):):):):)

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Thanks Jajeek,Donofitaly,Shaan.medico for your valuable suggestions.Will surely do the Q banks and NBME and F.A. But pl.tell me if doing U world is enough or we should do both the Q banks that is kaplans and U world?
See the more questions you do, the better it is. UW is something which has been consistently voted as a MUST. For the second choice Qbank, you can use this poll and see if you want to follow this or do some qbank of your choice :
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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