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Benefits of using First Aid to prepare for the USMLE Step 1 exam
  • It gives concise information about the topics which is good for memorization.
  • It has multiple tables for classical findings of all important diseases.
  • It also gives some mnemonics which are very helpful and easy.
  • It also has good images which are directly asked in exam sometimes.
  • Makes it easier and better for students who are not interested in making notes just annotate it and use some sticky notes it will be fine.
Tips for using First Aid for USMLE Step 1
Students find it hard to use it because its full of information which is high yield. You can’t leave. anything all information provided is important, so I am giving you some tips to effectively.
Make flash cards if you are someone who are struggling to learn or memorize first aid. It is a nice fun way to make flash cards using Anki or whatever you want.
Annotating first aid is not your primary book so you don’t find all the information here. You can add more information which you want to after doing Uworld or reading some standard books like pathoma etc…

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