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Warning its a long post!!!!!

Below is a list of Updates, Corrections, and Clarifications for First Aid 2010.
I have not verified all of these entries yet, so plz give your feedback if u think, any info is wrong.

The source of this information is

First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2010 Official website

  • FA p58 - Health Care Payment - It is more accurate to say that Medicare Part B covers outpatient expenses (x-rays, labs, vaccines, medical equipment, home O2, and outpatient nursing and doctor bills) rather than "doctor bills".

  • FA p169 - RNA viruses - Reovirus - Coltivirus is the viral genus responsible for Colorado tick fever. Genus Coltivirus is a member of the Reovirus family.

  • FA p169 - RNA viruses - Paramyxoviruses - In cases of infants with RSV, please know it is recommended NOT to use ribavirin.

  • FA p170 - Yellow fever - replace symptom of "black vomitus" with "hemorrhagic disease" which manifests in different manners including coffee-ground emesis (black vomitus), hematuria, epistaxis, and ecchymosis.

  • FA p179 - UTI bugs - Leukocyte esterase - positive incidates the presence of leukocytes and general inflammation which is present in bacterial infection but may also be present in other situations.

  • FA p181 - Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) - Cross through sentence in margin starting with "Other STDs include..." This sentece may confuse the reader into thinking that Gardnerella and Trichomonas may be responsible for PID when they are not. These two oraganisms are correctly listed in the STD section above the PID section.

  • FA p235 - Muscarinic antagonists - remove "pirenzepine" from the section. This drug is not available in the US; therefore, it is not likely to be on the USMLE.

  • FA p272 - Cardiac tamponade - cross through Kussmaul's pulse. Pulsus paradoxus seen in cardiac tamponade is different and distinct from Kussmaul's sign (JVD with inspiration) seen in constrictuve pericarditis.

  • FA p347 - Lab values in anemia - add 2 up arrows to the row for the serum Fe/TIBC ratio under the anemia of chronic disease column. One of the most common scenarios when the Fe/TIBC ratio is used is in determining whether a microcytic anemia is due to iron deficiency or anemia of chronic disease.

  • FA p447 - Keeping "schizo-" straight - Schizoid + odd thinking does NOT equal schizotypal Schizoid and schizotypal are two distinct personality disorders discussed on FA p446.

  • FA p474 - ACE Inhibitors - In the toxicity section change "Proteinuria" to "Proteinuria prevention"

  • FA p483 - Sex chromosome disorders - Turner's syndrome patients are "[female]," chromosomal "(45XO)," and incidence is "1:3000".

  • FA p489 - Ovarian germ cell tumors - move "Teratoma" subtitle down a row so that it correspondes to "90% of ovarian...".

  • FA p493 - BPH - add "Finasteride" to the treatment. This drug is discussed on FA p496.
Errors & Additions in the editions before April 1, 2010.

  • FA p157 - Chlamydia - Types L1, L2, L3 - The Frei test is an older test that is no longer used commercially.

  • FA p168 - Herpesviruses - CMV - Change "owl's eye appearance" to "owl's eye inclusions" which are the Cowdry type A inclusions.

  • FA p189 - Sulfa drug allergies - Add "celecoxib and probenecid" to the list of sulfa drugs (see similar section in FA p242).

  • FA p196 - Antibiotics to avoid in pregnancy - Erythromycin should be removed from this list as it is a class B in pregnancy. More specifically, erythromycin estolate should be avoided only in patients with current liver disease (not pregnancy) because of its potential for worsening liver damage.

  • FA p224 - Paraneoplastic effects of tumors - Erythropoietin elevation resulting in polycythemia may also be seen in hepatocellular carcinoma and pheochromocytoma (in addition to the already listed renal cell carcinoma and hemangioblastoma).

  • FA p224 - Oncogenic viruses - EBV also can cause Hodgkin's lymphoma and oral hairy leukoplakia.

  • FA p242 - Sulfa drugs - Add "acetazolamide and sulfonamide antibiotics" to the list of sulfa drugs (see similar section in FA p189). And please note that while sumatriptan is structurally similar to sulfa drugs, it does not cause hypersensitivity reactions in sulfa allergic patients.

  • FA p271 - Bacterial endocarditis - (last sentence of section) Strep. bovis is found in 15% of colon cancer patients and can cause endocarditis (also see on FA p148).

  • FA p291 - Cushing's syndrome - (right margin) The upward arrows may confuse the reader into thinking that dexamethasone will elevate cortisol levels in those scenarios. It would be more accurate to replace all of the upward arrows in the margin with "unchanged cortisol" or "no change in the abnormally elevated cortisol."

  • FA p327 - Wilson's disease - remove "Choreiform movements" from the list of characteristic Wilson's features. Next to "Dementia" add Dyskinesia and Dysarthria.

  • FA p329 - Acute pancreatitis - Chronic calcifying pancreatitis section should refer the reader to Image #118.

  • FA p347 - Lab values in anemia - "Transferrin/TIBC" should be replaced with "Transferrin or TIBC" since Transferrin is directly proportional to TIBC, and TIBC is roughly equal to transferrin x 1.4. As correctly stated, the "TIBC indirectly measures transferrin.

  • FA p359 - Aspirin - cross reference to additional section on Aspirin found on FA p387.

  • FA p380 - Pseudogout - can be treated with either colchicine or NSAIDs.

  • FA p381 - Seronegative spondyloarthropathies - Add in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Arthritis to the list. PAIR is the mnemonic to remember these.

  • FA p383 - Derm terminology - Pustule - Move the Impetigo example to match the row associated with Crust rather than Pustule.

  • FA p425 - Primary brain tumors - Medulloblastomas do not have "perivascular pseudorosettes" but do have "Homer-Wright rosettes."

  • FA p448 - Alcohol - Intoxication - Alcohol intoxication is not treated with naltrexone or disulfiram; however, these drugs have been proven to be useful in relapse prevention.

  • FA p450 - Treatment for pysch - Anorexia/bulimia - Cross-out anorexia because while bulimia responds well to SSRI therapy, anorexia nervosa does not.

  • FA p482 - Pregnancy - Lactation is induced by a "decrease in maternal progesterone" in the presence of high prolactin levels rather than a "decrease in maternal steroids."

  • FA p491 - Malignant breast tumors - The editors mistakenly removed the section on risk factors for breast cancer which include female gender, age, early first menarche, not becoming pregnant before age 30, late menopause, breast cancer in a first degree relative, BRCA gene mutation, and prior breast cancer.

  • FA p494 - Penile pathology - Erythroplasia of Queyrat is not "similar to Bowen's disease" but rather "a form of Bowen's disease"

  • FA p511 - Lung Cancer - Carcinoid tumor - carcinoid symptoms should include "Right-sided valvular disease" as correctly stated in additional Carcinoid section found on FA p296.

  • FA p520 - "Worst headache of my life" - should be "Subarachnoid hemorrhage" rather than "Berry aneurysm." To further clarify, the most common cause of spontaneous, nontraumatic SAH is a ruptured berry aneurysm.

  • FA p520 - WBC casts in urine - remove cystitis. Although WBCs can be seen in both cystitis and acute pyelonephritis, WBC casts suggest only acute pyelonephritis.

  • FA p525 - The most common infratentorial brain tumor in kids is astrocytoma > medulloblastoma > ependymoma.

  • FA p526 - Most common esophageal cancer is squamous cell worldwide, but adenocarcinoma in US.

  • FA p527 - In the entry for HLA-B27: please add psoriasis to the list, and note that diseases commonly associated with HLA-B27 are remembered by the mnemonic PAIR: Psoriasis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Inflammatory bowel disease, and Reiter's syndrome.
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